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     Mase Makuch is a 2022 Kent State graduate, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design, with a minor in Arts Entrepreneurship. Mase is an Ohio native, who has always dreamed of leaving behind her small state to pursue an artistic career in the big city. With a fiery heart filled with passion for her craft, Mase has pursued her dreams ferociously in order to make her fantasies her reality. Her love for fashion comes from her love of transformation, and the way clothes can transform us into who we want to be. Possessing a love for fantasy and romance, she creates fashion that walks the line between art and commercial.


     Mase's education at Kent State led her to study abroad in New York City in summer of 2021. Though her studies were impacted by the pandemic, Mase was able to pursue three different internships during her time there. At 1 Atelier she was immersed into luxury handbags, learning about unique leathers, hardwares, the garment district, and the luxury experience. With Weslah, she was able to work with a designer she had long admired, work on a project for a celebrity client, and explore techniques such as beading, and embroidery. And finally, with Sons of Gemini, Mase was able to make an amazing mentor, and friend, with the owner who taught her a range of skills including pattern-making, leatherwork, tailoring, and entrepreneurial skills.





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